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TC Cluster Technical Committee (TC)
COMMUNICATION SOFTWARE & SERVICES (CS&S) Communications & Information Security (CIS-TC)
Communications Software  (CommSoft)
Information Infrastructure (TCII)
Multimedia Communications (MMC)
Network Operations and Management (CNOM)
Power Line Communications (BOPL) Broadband Over Power Lines
Radio Communications (RCC)
Satellite and Space Communications (SSC)
Signal Processing and Communications Electronics (SPCE)
Signal Processing for Storage (SPS-TC)
Transmission, Access and Optical Systems (TAOS)
NETWORKING (NET) Ad Hoc & Sensor Communications & Networks (AHSNTC)
Communications Switching & Routing (TC CSR)
Computer Communications (TCCC)
High-Speed Networking (TCHSN) – formerly Gigabit Networking
Optical Networking  (ONTC)
VERTICAL ISSUES IN COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS (VICS) Communications Quality and Reliability  (CQR)
Communications Systems Integration & Modeling (CSIM)
Enterprise Networking (EntNet)
Personal Communications (TCPC)
Tactical Communications (TCTC)