• Richard Krock who has freely shared his knowledge with the larger world community in advancing Quality, Reliability and Security of infrastructure across the planet. His insights are valued and his humor is appreciated.
  • Kevin Krantz who while serving as CQR Treasurer over the past many years has exemplified outstanding integrity, creativity and accuracy in meeting all financial objectives and obligations.  His resourcefulness and willingness to assume greater responsibility as liaison to IEEE contributed greatly to the success of CQR conferences. Kevin is valued for his ability to provide the right advice at that right time.
  • Karl Rauscher who has played a major role in drawing attention to, participation in, and elevating the significance of CQR since its inception. Through his many talents, Karl initiated the current conference format and structure, recruited top leaders in Telecom and the Government to serve as keynote speakers, and provided leadership in times of need. Karl continues to serve as CQR’s Ambassador.


Award presentation photos

Lifetime Service Award Recipients
(l to r) Richard Krock, Kevin Krantz, Scott Poretsky (CQR TC Chair) and Karl Rauscher
Richard Krock
Kevin Krantz
Karl Rauscher