The Technical Committee on Communications Quality & Reliability (CQR) is an IEEE Communications Society international professional organization that is unique in its service to the quality, reliability and security professionals of the global communications industry.  The IEEE Communications Society President  Sergio Benedett and CQR Chair Hideaki Yoshino,  honored Martin Guldberg, Richard E. Krock, David H. Lu and Rainer Schmitt with the 2015 CQR Chairman’s Award at an awards ceremony during the 2015 CQR International Workshop in Charleston, South Carolina on May 13, 2015.

Criteria upon which recipients were selected include:

  • sustained
    contributions in the field of Quality, Reliability & Security of
    communications services, networks or systems;
  • a demonstration of the core value
    of a professional society- adding value to others; and
  • integrity consistent with
    that of a role model.

Award recipients
David Lu, Rainer Schmitt and Martin Gildberg

with CQR Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino

(Richard Krock was not able
to make the trip. His award was presented separately. Please see below)


David H. Lu, AT&T, USA
For outstanding global leadership in advancing network and systems reliability,
and for being a role model in mentoring reliability engineers and professionals.

David Lu, Vice President – Business Solutions Development, is responsible for Business Sales
and Contracting, Global Service Assurance, Managed Services Platforms, Field
Operation Dispatching, and Business Billing Solutions at AT&T. He leads an
organization with more than 3,000 people across the globe.

David is a well-respected leader in software architecture and engineering, network
performance and traffic management, business solutions, large data DB
implementation/mining/analytics, software reliability and quality, and network
operations process engineering.

Since joining AT&T Bell Labs in 1987, he has served in various leadership positions at
AT&T. He holds 26 patents and has frequently appeared as a guest speaker at
technical and leadership seminars and conferences throughout the world.

David Lu received the
award from CQR TC Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino.

Rainer Schmitt,  Sonavation, USA

For historic breakthroughs in the application of ultrasound technologies to
ultra-high security authentication in cyberspace;  for serving the emerging
generation of scientists through sagacious tutelage; and for exemplifying the
spirit of scientific discovery and innovation in the application of bio-medical
engineering insights to the cyber security discipline.

Rainer M Schmitt, PhD in Physics, started work on ultrasound transducers in 1970. After
an 8 year stint (’73-’81) in physiology and nuclear medicine, he turned to
ultrasound CT as a researcher in the Department of Radiology at the University
of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In 1984 he was approached by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft of
Germany (FhG) to lead the FhG medical ultrasound department. During his 18 years
of FhG-affiliation he accomplished several advanced applications in ultrasound,
such as: long term cerebral monitoring of premature neonates, 3D limb volume
estimation, long term 3D arterial plaque  monitoring, micro-bubble sizing of
contrast agents with ultrasound, catheter-based ultrasound guided artero-rectomy,
and the development of 4 generations of phased array ultrasound research

In 1996 he became the Executive Director of the Fraunhofer Technology Center in Hialeah,
Florida (FTeCH), where he was approached in ’99 by the optical fingerprint
device company Crossmatch Technology for the development of ultrasound-based
fingerprint sensors for mobile applications. Joining Crossmatch in 2002 as Chief
Scientist and subsequently Sonavation in 2006 as CTO, he was instrumental in
developing the physical foundations for Sonavation’s current line of fingertip

Rainer is also an IEEE life member

Rainer Schmitt received the award from CQR TC Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino.

Martin Guldberg, Verizon Wireless, USA

For industry advocacy for improving network reliability and quality for
end-users as well as contributions to CQR sponsored workshops

Martin has focused on communications quality and reliability his 19 years in the wireless
industry.  He obtained his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the
University of Minnesota.  He then spent 5+ years in wireless software
development with Motorola, where he led troubleshooting of wireless voice and
data call processing software bugs/issues.  In 2001, he joined Verizon Wireless
with Maintenance Engineering (ME) supporting Motorola and Nortel voice and data
infrastructure.  Upon leaving ME in 2006, Martin led data engineering and
planning teams where he drove the deployment and architecture of highly
available and reliable new data products into Verizon Wireless’s network.  This
included Verizon Wireless’s 4G infrastructure.  In 2012, he transitioned to
leading a team of system performance engineers in improving the quality and
reliability of wireless voice and data services.  Currently, he is leading the
cell, switch, and data Operations teams for Verizon Wireless in the upper
Midwest area of the United States.

Martin is also a Senior Member of IEEE.

Martin Guldberg received the award from CQR TC Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino.


Richard E. Krock, Alcatel-Lucent, USA

For sustained contributions in the fields of network reliability and disaster
recovery, international collaboration in advancing network reliability, and
facilitating industry-government collaborations

Rick has worked in the
communications industry for the past 44 years.  He obtained a Bachelor of
Electrical Engineering degree from Valparaiso University, an MBA from Illinois
Institute of Technology and is a licensed engineer.  He spent the first 24 years
of his career with Illinois Bell/Ameritech, working in a variety of network
operations and technical support assignments.  He led several disaster recovery
efforts, most notably following a fire in the Hinsdale Central Office in 1988.
He joined Lucent in 1997, working in assorted quality and reliability
assignments.  As a member of the Network Reliability Office he led reliability
workshops in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, conducted reliability audits for a
number of international operators, and represented Alcatel-Lucent in several
industry/government organizations and collaborations.  He is currently part of
the Spectrum and Standards Regulatory organization, and is the co-chair of
Network Reliability Steering Committee.

On behalf of CQR TC
Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino, Raymond Bonelli,
Advisory Board Member, presented Rick Krock the
award in Chicago.