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The Technical
Committee on Communications Quality & Reliability
is an IEEE Communications
Society international professional organization that is unique in its service to
the quality, reliability and security professionals of the global communications
industry. The IEEE Communications Society President

Sergio Benedetto

and CQR Chair Hideaki Yoshino, honored
Matthew Bross, Bernard L. Malone III, Stuart Goldman and Kevin
J. Krantz
with the 2014 CQR Chairman’s Award
at an awards ceremony during the 2014 CQR
International Workshop
in Tucson, Arizona on May 14, 2014.

Criteria upon which recipients were selected include:

  • sustained
    contributions in the field of Quality, Reliability & Security of
    communications services, networks or systems;

  • a demonstration of the core value
    of a professional society- adding value to others; and

  • integrity consistent with
    that of a role model.

CQR Ex-Chairs Kelly Krick, Karl Rauscher and Chi-Ming Chen joined the


Matthew Bross


sustained global leadership in technological transformations; service
to others of all levels through frank communication and personal
coaching; and integrity
in complex international business matters consistent with that of a role

Mr. Bross
is the Chairman and CEO of Compass-EOS. He joined the company in 2014. Prior to
that he was Chief Technology Officer at Huawei Technologies. Mr. Bross has had a
long and distinguished career in the telecommunications industry. He was Group
Chief Technology Officer of BT Group and CEO of BT innovate, responsible for
technology strategy, vision and innovation across all BT divisions. Mr. Bross
was a driving force behind BT’s 21st Century Network transformation program and
led a global BT technology and research organization that spanned the
Asia-Pacific, the U.S. and Europe. Previously, Mr. Bross held senior positions
at ConTel, MasterCard, Critical Technologies, a company he co-founded and
Williams Communication. He was made a fellow at Pembroke college Cambridge
University in 2007, and is currently on the Board of Directors of the East West institute.

Matthew Bross received the
award from CQR TC Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino.

Bernard L. Malone III

For sustained contributions in advancing the envelope of
communications services, networks and systems; going beyond the call of
duty in responding to major catastrophes, particularly in assisting
life-saving efforts in extreme events; and a can-do spirit that inspires

Bernard L. Malone III
is a technical-professional with thirty years in
technology and telecommunications infrastructure development, sales, engineering
and manufacturing leadership and is an advocate and contributor to public safety
communications efforts. He led one of the largest wireless network vendor
swapouts in U.S. history in 1998 and produced many next-generation
telecommunications proposals for U.S. and international customers. He has served
as a subject-matter-expert and working-group chair for the Worldwide
Cybersecurity Summit of the EastWest Institute, and was a major contributor to
the December 2013 report Frank Communication and Sensible Cooperation to Stem
Harmful Hacking, from the China-U.S. Track 2 Bilateral on Cybersecurity. He has
supported The President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory
Committee (NSTAC) as a task force contributor and has served as an advisor on a
U.S. State Department delegation to a meeting of the Organization of American
States on the subject of wireless emergency communications. In 2007, Bernie was
a contributor to a key NSTAC Report to The President and another to the European
Commission on communications interoperability and reliability topics
respectively. He has periodically spoken at industry conferences including the
IEEE, ANSI and NENA on emergency communications topics. He is an inventor and
patent holder in the field of telecommunications emergency network control, and
is also a published author of technical papers in the Bell Labs Technical
Journal. Currently IPTV principal architect, he previously was a senior
engineer, Member of Technical Staff performing work in manufacturing and systems
engineering, and has built and managed international manufacturing operations,
and implemented large-scale quality control systems achieving six-sigma
performance. He is an amateur radio operator, holding an Extra class FCC
license, and has performed volunteer work for the Civil Defense and Red Cross,
supporting disaster communications. As Executive Vice President of Operations
and co-founding member of the Wireless Emergency Response Team, he recently led
the effort to implement a remote emergency services telecommunications network
for Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, coordinated the deployment of new wireless
communications techniques for search & rescue efforts with the U.S. Coast Guard
for Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, and has received recognition from
the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for work on wireless
search and rescue at the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001. Bernie is
actively involved in live music & theater production and studio recording &
engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree from Louisiana
State University in Baton Rouge and an M.B.A. degree from Centenary College of
Louisiana in Shreveport.

Bernard L. Malone III
received the award from CQR TC Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino.

Stuart Goldman,

prolific innovation advancing the resilience and robustness of
communications services and systems; lifelong service, via his time and
technical insights, to the disabled community and those endangered by
crises; and personal integrity, particularly in the area of valuing
human life, consistent with that of a role model

has served as an advisor for priority communications needs of the U.S.
government, is a lifetime Bell Labs Fellow and an East-West Institute Senior
Fellow. Stu has been granted 45 US patents, with 36 additional patent
applications pending.

positions have included serving as Chair of the Alliance for Telecommunications
Industry Solutions (ATIS) Packet Technologies and Systems Committee (PTSC)
Interoperability (IOP) subcommittee, Chair of the ATIS Network Interoperability
Forum (NIIF), Vice Chair of the ATIS PTSC Signaling, Architecture, and Control
(SAC) subcommittee, Co-Chair of the ATIS Network Interconnection
Interoperability Forum (NIIF), and various roles within the ITU-T SG 11,
Internet Engineering Task force (IETF).

has participated in the European Commission-chartered Availability and
Robustness of Electronic Communications Infrastructures ARECI Study, the U.S.
President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), and
a study for the Australian Attorney’s General office.

and his family are prolific community volunteers for a host of philanthropic

Stuart Goldman received the award from CQR TC
Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino.

Kevin J. Krantz,


For sustained contributions and professionalism in
managing the ongoing success of CQR workshops and for living out a
spirit of service that has proven vital for meaningful international
collaboration in the field

An Ericsson employee for 20 years, Kevin has worked in a variety of roles
including, Product Line Management, New Product Introduction, Systems
Engineering, RF Engineering and Quality in the area of Wireless technology.
Kevin is currently responsible for supporting Wireless Access performance
initiatives working with the Verizon Wireless account.

In the Wireless industry,
Kevin has worked in the CoO area developing methods for assessing engineering
process costs to evaluate features, services and tool development programs to
drive efficiencies across regional engineering teams. Earlier in his Wireless
career, he authored and taught the 1st AMPS/TDMA RF Systems Optimization
Guidelines and Course by defining a comprehensive approach to performance
optimization of cellular systems.

Prior to joining Ericsson, Kevin had worked for Motorola and the
Motorola/Northern Telecom JVC (MNC) as a systems engineer. He has been working
in the Wireless industry for 27 years.

He has faithfully supported the IEEE CQR committee as it’s Treasurer since 2005.

Kevin J. Krantz received the award from CQR TC
Chair Prof. Hideaki Yoshino.