2017 Recipients

CQR 2017, May 16-18, 2017, Naples Florida


                                    TPC Co-Chair, Hede Nakazato presents a Best Paper award to Nobuhiko Itoh of NEC Corporation.


“Novel Packet Scheduling for Supporting Various Real-Time IoT Applications in LTE Networks”

Nobuhiko Itoh, Hiroya Kaneko, Akihito Kohiga, Takanori Iwai and Hideyuki Shimonishi System Platform Research Laboratories NEC Corporation

Abstract – Recently, LTE networks are attracting a great deal of attention as a platform for real-time IoT applications. Individual devices such as vehicles, drones, and sensors can exchange real-time information with each other on this platform. For example, vehicles periodically provide each other with their realtime location information to avoid automobile collision. 3GPP stipulates that the deadline for vehicle-collision avoidance is 100 msec. In LTE networks, since the throughput of the wireless section fluctuates depending on the wireless channel quality, the time required for each direction differs. To support these various use cases on the platform, it is important to improve the total amount of application data that meets its deadline—we call the metric for this the goodput. However, in LTE networks, conventional MAC schedulers such as the Proportional Fair can obtain only very low goodput when the network load is increased. In this paper, we propose a novel packet scheduling method that adaptively prioritizes each item of application data on the basis of uplink/downlink deadlines and wireless channel quality by adjusting the deadlines. We evaluate our proposed method on NS-3 and find that our proposed method outperforms the conventional Proportional Fair method, which is the most implemented method on eNB.



TPC Co-Chair, Kai Zeng presents a Best Paper award to Yusaku Hayamizu of Kansai University.         


“Effective New Cache Decision Policy for Breadcrumbs in Content-Centric Networking”

Yusaku Hayamizu, Akihisa Shibuya, and Miki Yamamoto Graduate School of Science and Engineering Kansai University

Abstract – Information-Centric Networking (ICN) has been proposed for efficient content distribution. ICN routers are generally equipped with cache storages and store incoming data packets temporally. In order to leverage as much total cache storages in a network as possible, the combination of routing policy and cache policy installed on the routers is dominant factor for performance. For routing policy, an efficient off-path forwarding method with in-network guidance, Breadcrumbs, has been proposed. In this paper, we propose a cache decision policy based on betweenness centrality and content popularity, which is suitable for Breadcrumbs. Our proposed cache decision policy makes popular contents located edge area of a network, which stabilizes popular cached contents. Moderate popular contents tend to be stored in core area, which induces in-network guided requests to encounter cached contents more frequently. Our performance evaluation results reveal that the combination of Breadcrumbs and our proposed cache decision policy improves cache hit performance compared to existing cache decision policies.